Inviting friends to sit at Allergy lunch table

I was asked a question by a parent of my daughter’s classmate: What lunch can I pack so my child can safely eat with her friend at the “allergy” table in the lunchroom?

Initially, I was thrilled (yay! someone wants to take the time to learn and keep kids with food allergies safe!), then a little panicked (OK, I trust THIS parent, but Continue reading

Allergen Free Candy

I can’t take credit for this list, as it is borrowed from Gina Clowes, Allergy Moms Blog (  Here is a great list to help plan for safe halloween candy! Continue reading

Support Group Meeting – July 15, 2011

Please join us for our next Bristow Allergy Support Group meeting.  Continue reading

Picnic Fun and Safety with Food Allergies

It’s summer time … time for family picnics and outings.  Here is a link to a great article “10 Tips for a Food Allergy-Safe Picnic” Continue reading

Things I’ve Learned: There’s An App for That

Of course, I have a Droid, but, for those of you with iPhones, this seems like it’s worth checking out.

Food allergy site has launched a free iPhone application which will help allergy sufferers Continue reading