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My Favorite Email Subscriptions

I read… a lot.  Well, at least I skim a lot web pages, headlines, and emails to get the latest and greatest (and strangest) food allergy news.   I love the email alerts that are delivered right to my inbox, all summarized with links, targeted and relevent to me.   If you’re not already on these email lists… take a look and consider signing up.  Continue reading

Book Review: The Peanut Free Cafe

The Peanut Free Cafe

The Peanut Free Cafe

Coster, Gloria.  The Peanut Free Cafe

I bought this book for my 5 year old who does not have peanut allergies.  It really helped her to think about how what she eats can impact her peanut allergy sister.  Also, it acknowledges how hard it might be to give up a favorite food for the benefit of someone else.  It’s well written, humorous, and has great illustrations.  We read it often, and have shared it with preschool and family  members.  I think it’s probably most appropriate for kids ages 4 through 8.

Alert: Wegman’s Pasta – Egg Allergy Alert

This was emailed to me by Sherry D. on Wed 2/16: 

I thought the BAM moms might need to know that Wegmans has just changed the warning on their pastas to include eggs. The Wegmans’ 800 line said that they didn’t all include eggs but all pastas are now processed in a facility that utilizes eggs/bi-products.

Recipe: Creamy Avacado Pasta

A member on another allergy support group posted this recipe as a yummy food to use to bulk up allergy kids diets.   Continue reading

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