Allergy Friendly Restaurant Guides

So, not all of us like to bake from scratch all the time.  For those of you who love to eat out… here are a few websites that can help.  AllergyEats seems to be the most relevent to our area (NVA) but others might be helpful if you travel.  Also, be sure to check out FAAN’s guide to Dining Away from Home with Food Allergy for some helpful tips.

  1. AllergyEats (
    A free guide to allergy-friendly restaurants across the United States , rated by people with food allergies.    As of April 2011, there were over 2000 restaurants rated within 20 miles of the Gainesville, VA zip code.
  2. Restaurants That Care
    A blog that reviews restaurants in the Northern Virginia area.  It has only a few reviews (as of April 2011), but looks like a great resource.
  3. Worry Free Dinners (R)
    Worry-Free Dinners® is a membership group for anyone who has manageable food allergies and/or food intolerances and would like to explore restaurants, chefs and foodservice organizations that will offer an exclusive allergy-friendly meal.  I’ve heard they are expanding this across the US, but can’t find much info.  Here’s a link to the FAQ (
  4. AllerDine (
    A free food allergy friendly restaurant guide for families with food allergies who want dine out safely.  It’s a national service that is still building its database of restaurants in the northern VA area.  There were only 2 listed as of April 2011.
  5. (
    First in food allergy reviews for restaurant AND airlines.  With information and guidance from those that have already travelled the path, the journey can become safer and more enjoyable.


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