Allergen Free* Local Bakeries

Obviously, a commercial bakery cannot be free of every allergen (hence the asterisk) … but the following local bakeries and candy makers have been used by other allergy moms with great success.  All require advance notice for ordering, some deliver, so check their websites for details.

The Lemonade Bakery
Egg and Nut free
Manassas, VA

The Joy Of Cupcakes
Peanut adn Tree Nut Free (may work to accommodate other allergens)
Joy Ferrara
Vienna, VA

Simply Nut Free Chocolates
MaryAnne Klank
Loudoun County

Free for All Cupcakes
Fairfax, VA

Please post a comment if you’ve used any of these.  Thanks!

One response to “Allergen Free* Local Bakeries

  1. Another list of nut free bakeries:
    Nut Free bakeshops

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