Allergen Free Candy

I can’t take credit for this list, as it is borrowed from Gina Clowes, Allergy Moms Blog (  Here is a great list to help plan for safe halloween candy!

There is no such thing as a completely “safe” candy or snack. What is safe for one child could be harmful to another.

However, we all need a place to start. The treats listed below are free of many (but not all) of the major allergens.  Check the labels and the websites, and call manufacturers to find out if they are safe for your child.

Keep in mind: Ingredients change without notice; different sizes of the “same” candy can have different ingredients, and different versions of the same candy always have different ingredients. Precautionary labels (ie. “may contain”) are voluntary.

Read the label every time. When in doubt, call the manufacturer or do without.

Happy Halloween! 

  1. Airheads  Multi-colored and flavored taffy strips.
  2. Bottlecaps  Soda flavored candy. (Root beer, orange etc.)
  3. Divvies  Chocolate ghosts, Halloween jelly beans, caramel and kettle corn, all made to share!
  4. Dots  Candy corn dots are safe for many too!\
  5. Gum Dums These, (along with Smarties) are food allergy family favorites as they are safe for a variety of allergies.
  6. Enjoy Life Chocolate Bars  Three varieties. My kids love the crispy rice milk chocolate.
  7. Frito Lay  Regular Lay’s potato chips, Ruffles, Tostitos, and Fritos are safe for many allergies.
  8. Fun Dip  Candy stick + candy dip = Fun!
  9. Gimbals Jelly Beans  Very allergy aware company.
  10. Hot Tamales   Similar to Mike & Ikes with cinnamon flavor.
  11. Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum  My kids love the bubble tape version.
  12. Jolly Ranchers  Sticks and hard candy.
  13. Jujubes (and Jujyfruits)  Great for decorating cakes and cookies too.
  14. Lemonheads  Small size and jaw breaker size.
  15. Life Savers (hard candies & gummies)  My kids love the gummy variety.
  16. Mike & Ike  Popular movie candy.
  17. Necco Wafers  Oldie but goodie shows up a lot at Halloween.
  18. Nerds  My son and his friends love these sugary nuggets.
  19. Nik-L-Lip  Those cute little wax bottles with colored sugar water inside.
  20. Pez  Fun, convenient and safe for most allergies. A clever Pez dispenser is good for trading unsafe candy.
  21. Pixy Stix  Messy but fun. Teens like the larger size.
  22. Pure Fun  Tasty way to avoid dyes and gmo’s.
  23. Razzles  First it’s a candy, then it’s a gum!
  24. Skittles  A “safe” candy that is a Halloween favorite.
  25. Smarties (US version)  These are a favorite for many allergy moms. Safe for many allergies.  Smarties pops are good too!
  26. Sour Patch Kids  Tangy, sweet-sour gummy candy.
  27. Spree (regular only) Chewy variety contains egg.
  28. Starburst Another allergy mom favorite.
  29. Surf Sweets   Organic gummy bears, worms and jelly beans free of dyes and all common allergens.
  30. Swedish fish  These little red fish are another Halloween favorite.
  31. SweeTarts  Regular only as chewy sweetarts contain egg.
  32. Wack-o-wax (wax lips) Red lips or the vampire teeth anyone?
  33. Warheads  Super sour candy not for the faint of heart. This has been removed from the list as it is manufactured in a plant that processes Peanuts (see comment below)
  34. Yummy Earth Organic lollipops, drops and other dye-free candy.

Happy Halloween!!

4 responses to “Allergen Free Candy

  1. We publish a comprehensive list of common, supermarket available snacks that are free of peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and sesame seeds: Many school districts are adopting this list as their “approved list”.

    Also be sure to read our open letter to parents entitled “Why Your Child Can’t Bring Peanut Butter to School (and What You Can Do About It)”. It frames the issue of allergen bans and provides a strategy for transitioning a child from peanut butter to a safer alternative. We encourage you to personalize it and forward it to the parents at your school:

  2. Please note that many of the candies in the Warhead line are manufactured on lines that also process peanuts. (

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